Przedsiębiorca korzystający z Krajowego Systemu e-Faktur

How does the introduction of the National e-Invoicing System improve efficiency and savings in the company?

The introduction of the National e-Invoice System is undoubtedly a step towards more efficient and cost-effective operation of companies. The automation of financial processes, simplification of the execution of tax obligations or increased security of storage and access to the content of e-invoices are just some of the benefits of using KSeF. Read the article and learn more!

From the text you will learn:

  • what the National e-Invoice System is,
  • how the introduction of KSeF improves efficiency and savings in the company,
  • how the Comarch EDI platform will improve company processes.

KSeF – what is it?

The National e-Invoice System (KSeF) is an ICT system that was introduced in Poland to streamline and automate processes related to issuing, receiving and storing electronic invoices. In addition, the KSeF system:

  • unifies the way businesses settle their accounts,
  • improves communication between taxpayers and tax administration,
  • prevents tax fraud.

As an entrepreneur, you can already use the National e-Invoice System voluntarily from January 2022. However, as early as July 1, 2024, KSeF will become mandatory and will be a standard required of all VAT payers.

In the European Union, e-invoicing is also mandatory in Italy and Serbia. Romania is beginning to make e-invoicing mandatory across the board as of January 1, 2024. Belgium, France, Spain and Germany are also preparing to implement it.

National e-Invoicing System – improve efficiency and increase savings

Companies that already use KSeF gain a competitive advantage and can focus on their main business goal, instead of wasting time and money on using the traditional invoicing method. What are the benefits of introducing the National e-Invoicing System? Find the answers below!

Faster document flow

Entrepreneurs are well aware that traditional invoices need to be printed, mailed and delivered to the hands of the recipient. Structured invoices in electronic form, on the other hand, can be sent in real time through the appropriate platform. This shortens the entire process from issuance to its receipt by the customer, which significantly affects the speed of payment, which in turn improves the company’s cash flow. In addition, KSeF e-invoices can be automatically processed.

Facilitating the archiving of e-invoices

The National e-Invoice System allows electronic storage of invoices for a period of 10 years. This also makes e-invoice records more transparent and easier to manage.

Increased data security

KSeF introduces advanced security mechanisms that protect invoice data from unauthorized access. This is important, especially in the context of growing cybercrime threats. Companies can rest assured that their e-invoice data is properly secured.

Eliminating errors

The preparation of traditional invoices is subject to human error, such as incorrect calculations, mistakes in bank account numbers or incorrect address data. KSeF allows automatic half-filling in structured invoices, which minimizes the risk of errors. In addition, the KSeF application contains control mechanisms that check the correctness of the data even before the invoice is sent.

Comarch EDI and KSeF – an integration that pays off

Not sure how to perform an integration with the National e-Invoice System? Get to know the Comarch EDI tool – this is an extremely modern solution designed for the largest companies that need a personalized approach to an implementation project. The software is prepared to integrate with any ERP system, process invoices in various native formats, convert them to KSeF XML format and support business validations.

Comarch EDI ensures compliance with the latest legal regulations in Poland regarding e-invoicing. The platform also makes the flow of all invoices and their statuses transparent.

E-invoicing in Poland will soon become an obligation. If you still have any doubts about the National e-Invoicing System, don’t wait – read KSeF questions and answers on Comarch’s website.

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