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How does the fence of a company’s property affect brand image?

The fence of a company’s property is one of the elements that can affect the brand image. So it is worth considering what type of fence will be appropriate for our company. If we want our brand to be associated with luxury and prestige, we should invest in a solid and elegant fence. On the other hand, if our brand is to be associated with friendly and open people, it is worth betting on a fence that will attract attention and inspire trust.

Metal fencing in a company and brand image

Metal fencing is an often forgotten but very important part of any company’s image. How your company’s surroundings look is of great importance to its reputation, which is why it is so important to choose the right kind of fencing. Metal fences are one of the most popular types of fencing and are often used by companies. By choosing a metal fence, your company will be able to express its identity and add prestige to its surroundings.

When choosing a metal fence, you can choose from many different designs. You can choose the fence that best suits the style of your company. They can be simple and classic fences, or they can be more modern, with fancy designs. This is a great opportunity to express your identity and add character to your company’s surroundings.

Metal fences are also a durable and damage-resistant material, great for use in a public place. They are also easy to maintain and require little maintenance. They are also easy to install, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wants to quickly and effectively secure their workplace.

Metal fences are therefore an excellent choice for anyone who wants their business to look professional and be able to express their identity. Their durability and aesthetics make them an ideal choice for anyone who wants a modern and trustworthy corporate image.

Metal fence for a company – how to choose the best fence?

Zäune aus Polen mit montage – Kunstschmiede Polen is the answer to the question – how to choose the best fence for a company. Why? Thor Kunstschmiede not only has a wide range of wrought iron fences, but also has years of experience in creating metal fences for different types of properties. Any metal fence has the primary function of protecting property. The second issue is its aesthetic qualities. In the case of a fence for business properties, it is important to consider what do we want our fence to say about us? How are customers supposed to perceive us? The absence of a fence, makes the company appear to be under constant construction, fresh and probably inexperienced. This is, of course, appearances, but at first glance, the customer may perceive our company in just this way.

A simple metal fence, will show care for the neatness of the property. Industrial fences do not require a large financial outlay, as their main purpose is to restrict access to the property by third parties. However, if you want the fence to be an important image of the company, it is worth considering more elaborate constructions. In the offer of Thor Kunstschmiede, we can find classic fences with fancy decorative elements, but also contemporary fences, including panel fences. We can match the color of the fence to the company’s logo or the color of the facade of the buildings. For corporate fences, personalization can be key. That is, we can commission designers to create a fence that perfectly matches the composition and atmosphere of our company.

The fence contributes to building a positive corporate image, while also emphasizing the company’s identity, attention to detail, security of company property and the company’s commitment to creating a solid brand.

Metal fence for company – how to choose the best fence

Entrance gate for companies – what to look for when buying one

The entrance gate is another important aspect of business development. It is useful for both industrial areas and companies in the service sector. It is used by employees and customers. Therefore, it is important to choose the most functional gate. First of all, you should consider choosing such a model of entrance gate that takes into account the security of the company. So, a sturdy one with appropriate mechanisms that prevent the intrusion of inappropriate or uninvited vehicles into industrial facilities or company property.

Large companies, which are characterized by high traffic of entry and exit, should in their choice be guided by the adaptation of the gate to the convenience of opening and closing. Convenience for drivers is a very important consideration. In the case of metal entrance gates, it is worth emphasizing their ease of maintenance. They do not require additional maintenance, while they are created from high-quality materials, so they do not need to be replaced. Gates from Thor Kunstschmiede come with a warranty, and to create them blacksmiths use the highest technology that permanently protects the steel. As a result, the gate will serve for a long time, and at the same time it will affect the positive image of the company in the eyes of customers.


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