Blacha trapezowa czy blachodachówka – co wybrać?

Trapezoidal sheet or sheet metal – which to choose?

Roofs made of sheet metal have become very popular in recent years. Homeowners and entrepreneurs value them for their light weight, durability and attractive price. What kind of roofing to choose?

In the article we will introduce what is trapezoidal sheet and sheet metal roofing. What are the differences between them and where a particular covering will work best. Collected information in the form of a pill should make your choice easier.

What is a trapezoidal sheet?

Trapezoidal sheet is one type of roofing, which is made of sheet metal with a specific shape and cross-section resembling a trapezoid. However, appearance is not just a matter of aesthetics. The form of the sheet provides rigidity and is also very strong. Thanks to this, a well-attached roofing ensures stability and protects against various weather conditions.

Trapezoidal sheet is available in different thicknesses. This makes it easy to match it to the covered space. For lighter constructions, a thin sheet that will prove a tension. In an allotment gazebo or a covered parking space next to the house. On the other hand, for a house, a production hall or a holiday home, a thicker layer will work better.

What is a sheet metal roofing?

Tinplate is a roofing material made of galvanized steel sheet.Usually its thickness is in the range of 0.5-0.7 mm. The sheet is covered with a protective layer.

Sheet metal is a roofing with a low weight. Mostly it is about 4.2 kg per square meter. This has the advantage of making installation easier, which affects the speed of work. The appearance resembles a traditional tile, which makes it an attractive aesthetic solution.

Tile roofing is most often found as:

– modules – sold in the form of small panels;

– sheets – tailored to size.

The great flexibility of choice makes it easy to match the elements to the specific structure and dimensions of the roof.

What kind of roofing will work for your roof?

Remember that what works in one place may not necessarily fit in another. However, it is worth comparing the two roofing materials to choose the one that will best protect your house, gazebo or production hall.

Trapezoidal sheet is universally applicable, and its use is associated with low costs. However, its choice will not always provide the desired aesthetic qualities, especially for houses with traditional architecture.

Sheet metal , on the other hand, imitates the look of traditional roof tiles. It is more aesthetically pleasing and is likely to blend in better with the style of the building and the surrounding architecture. It is worth remembering that modular tile makes the installation process easier, and this generates less waste. This positively affects both your wallet – no unnecessary costs, and ecology – less trash to dispose of.

Time to make a final decision. Think about how you want your house, gazebo or production hall to look . Think about the type of structure you plan to roof and what functions it will perform. The budget for the roofing project is also important. Thinking through these three issues will help you match the right roofing option and aesthetics for your home.

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