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Remote work. Popular jobs that can be done online

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular. The pandemic period has forced many employers to delegate employees to perform duties from their homes. During this time, we have managed to both learn to do work without visiting the office, but also become somewhat dependent on it. Many Poles have become so accustomed to working remotely that the standard work model is becoming pasee. Which professions are the most popular? Which of them can be done remotely?

Occupation? Freelancer

Until a few years ago, a freelancer was associated exclusively with a young, often arrogant person who was unwilling or unable to adapt to the rigid requirements of an employer. She would catch assignments for anything that could be reasonably earned, and finding a responsible and timely person bordered on the miraculous.

As time went on, more and more people began to abandon full-time jobs precisely for the need of a “freelancer,” a trend greatly accelerated by the pandemic. It turns out that it’s no longer just young people who are choosing to work remotely, and the average age is getting harder to estimate.

Remote work is no longer just computer graphics, freelance texts or programming. Larger and larger projects, such as those involving large real estate development projects, are being done from home. Freelancer, on the other hand, has become a term that no longer makes any difference, and more and more people look at it somewhat with envy.

Adequate knowledge, considerable skills, experience and, most importantly, flexibility are assets that a significant number of freelancers possess, although it is still possible to come across incompetent contractors who treat the life of a digital nomad primarily, as an adventure, rather than a viable way of life.

How to become a freelancer?

If our goal is to ditch the full-time job and remain a freelancer, it is essential to determine our skills and carefully discern the market. While it is true that more and more jobs can be done from the position of home, remote work is still primarily addressed to industries that operate online or at least rely on it.

There is also increasing competition, which can effectively hinder a simple start in remote work. Naturally, those who have recently been delegated to remote work by their employers are in the best position. This is because they have had time to catch some experience, learn the self-discipline necessary to work remotely, and have learned or developed ways to organize their work properly.

In order to become a freelancer, it is absolutely necessary to properly motivate oneself. After all, an office job requires you to show up at your post at a certain time and perform the duties incumbent on you, until a certain hour. Remote work is definitely different from this scheme, which can be quite a challenge for many people.

Which jobs can be done remotely?

A really large number of workers are already switching to freelancing, although the same professions as just 5-10 years ago are still the most popular. These include copywriters, computer graphic designers, designers, web developers, among others, although this too is still evolving.

Which professions can be done remotely
Which professions can be done remotely? Photo: Deagreez/Canva

Copywriting (text creation)

One of the most popular remote jobs is copywriting, or freelance writing. This type of remote work is mainly chosen by freshmen in the humanities, but you can also meet experienced editors and journalists who left their jobs in large editorial offices precisely for remote work. Copywriter with the right portfolio is able to earn up to 10 thousand a month. However, it all depends on the number of “caught orders” and the subject matter. Beginning lyricists usually earn in the range of 2-4 thousand.

Remote tutoring

Another equally common online occupation is tutoring. If you have the right skills and education in a particular subject, providing remote tutoring can allow you to make a very decent income. The average hourly rate already ranges between 80 and 150 zlotys.

Running social media

Another line of work that is addressed primarily to young people, but can be performed remotely by anyone with the right understanding and experience. Running social media will allow you to earn from 3 to even 6 thousand zlotys. However, much depends on the number of posts and how many brands social media channels are run for.

Translation of texts

If any foreign language has no secrets from us, we can safely take up text translation. After all, the profession of translator is not associated with the need to “stamp a card” in the workplace, which can also be taken into account when considering becoming a freelancer. However, the most money will be earned by those who are fluent in niche languages, such as Mandarin or, for example, Norwegian or Swedish.

Remote customer service

Admittedly, customer service usually involves conforming to certain requirements and work patterns set by the employer, but this line of work can also be performed remotely without any problems. All you will need for customer service is internet access and a telephone.

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