SYBIR – what is it? Definition of the term

Sibir is a form of banking that can be used by anyone who wants to provide financial security in the event of political, economic, social instability or other uncertain circumstances.

What is SYBIR? Definition of the term

Sibir is a form of banking in which savings are kept outside the country. This can be done for the benefit of an individual or organization that wants to ensure its financial security in the event of unstable political, economic, social or other uncertain circumstances. Siberian banking is a type of security portfolio that provides both financial security and protection against excessive fees or investment risks.

Application of SYBIR

Recently, many people have decided to keep their money outside the country. This is particularly popular among people who want to avoid the risk of losing their savings in the event of an economic setback in their country. Many people believe that storing money overseas is the only way to protect their money from inflation or money shortages.

In such situations, many people opt for a money storage system called Sibir. Sibir is an account that can be opened at one of the numerous financial institutions in the country of the customer’s choice, which offers a wide range of banking services. The Sibir system is designed to store both short-term and long-term savings. It allows customers to keep their money outside their country, but at the same time offers them the ability to withdraw and deposit money conveniently.

Sibir also offers a wide range of banking services, including savings accounts, loans, credit cards, transferring money between accounts and many other services. The Sibir system allows customers to access their savings anytime, anywhere. What’s more, Sibir also offers customers the ability to manage their money via the Internet and conveniently access all information about their finances.

Sibir is definitely a good solution for people who are looking for a safe place to store their money outside the country. This system offers many convenient banking services, as well as a wide range of services and options. Using this system can be very beneficial for people who want to access their money in a convenient and secure way.

SYBIR – why was it closed?

Sibir is a former banking platform that was closed in July 2020. The platform was popular with customers who wanted to use digital banking, but did not want to open a bank account. Sibir provided all banking services, such as transfers, withdrawals and payments, in a very convenient way.

Sibir was shut down for several reasons. First, it was blocked by Polish supervisory authorities. The authorities found that the platform did not meet sufficient security and data protection requirements. Second, in July 2020, Sibir was purchased by BNP Paribas bank, which decided to close the platform.

The closure of Sibir was sad for many customers, as the platform offered very convenient banking services. Sibir also stood out for its simple and intuitive interface, which made it popular among users.

However, the closure of Sibir was associated with some positive changes. BNP Paribas introduced a new service to replace Sibir. The new service provides even more capabilities and features, including access to a wide range of financial and investment services.

In summary, Sibir was a convenient way to use digital banking; however, it did not meet security and data protection standards, and as a result, it was shut down. BNP Paribas has introduced a new service that provides broader access to financial and investment services.

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