Proximity carrier – what is it? Definition of the term

The most important carriers of personal information today are proximity media. They can be carried in a pocket or wallet, or clipped to a lanyard or key ring. They are mainly used to pay for purchases in retail stores and services, but also to identify the owner in businesses, companies and institutions.

Contactless carrier – what is it? Definition of the term

Proximitymedia are secure storage media, as each card has a unique number that is encoded in the card. In order for someone to use the card, they must have a special reader that is able to read this number. Thanks to the fact that the number is unique, there is little chance that someone will be able to copy it. Contactless cards are a convenient and secure way to pay for purchases. If you want to buy something in a store, all you have to do is touch your card to the payment terminal, and the entire transaction is completed. You don’t have to remember money or cards, and you don’t have to worry about whether someone will steal your money or card.

Types of contactless media

There are many different types of contactless media, and each has different uses. The most popular of these are PVC cards, magnetic cards and smart cards. PVC cards are the most popular because of their durability and ease of manufacturing. Magnetic cards are often used for access control because their main component is a magnet. Chip cards are used to pay for purchases or to use ATMs, as their main component is a chip.

Proximity carrier – applications

The most popular contactless carrier is the credit card. Credit cards contain a magnetic strip that is used to perform transactions. Other contactless media include gift cards, loyalty cards and loyalty cards. Many companies use contactless cards to allow their customers to perform cashless transactions.

Contactless media allow quick and easy transactions without the need for cash or a credit card. All you have to do is bring the card close to the reader and the transaction is automatically credited. Contactless carriers are very convenient for customers, as they eliminate the need to carry cash or a credit card.

Contactless cards are also very secure. Since transactions are automatically recorded, there is less risk of theft. Contactless media are easy to use and very convenient, so more and more companies are choosing to use them.

How does contactless carrier work?

Proximitycarrier is a type of credit card that has an embedded chip and antenna. It allows you to securely store personal information and contactless payments. To use this type of card, you need to bring it close to a contactless card reader, which is connected to a payment terminal. In this way, payments can be made without having to enter the card number and PIN.

Proximity carriers are very secure because the data is stored in encrypted form. What’s more, these cards are often equipped with additional security features, such as a proximity tag. This makes your payments even more secure.

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