Corporate banker – who is it? Definition of the term

Corporate banker is a term that is increasingly common in the business community. Corporate bankers play an important role in the financial world, so it is important to understand what corporate bankers are and what their responsibilities are.

Who is a corporate banker? Definition of the term

A corporate banker is a person employed by a bank or other financial entity to manage the finances and solve financial problems of companies. Corporate bankers are responsible for assisting companies in obtaining financing, as well as in selecting and managing financial risks. Corporate bankers may deal with various aspects of financing, including managing investment portfolios, raising capital, analyzing financial performance, financial restructuring and much more.

What characterizes a corporate banker?

A corporate banker should have a good knowledge of the financial market, as well as the ability to think analytically and use data to make decisions. He must also demonstrate knowledge of various financial products, such as mutual funds, term deposits, bank deposits, savings accounts and many others. In addition, he or she should have good interpersonal skills to be able to communicate effectively with potential clients and colleagues.

How much does a corporate banker earn?

The salary of a corporate banker in Poland depends on his experience, level of responsibility, education and location. According to data from, the average monthly salary of a corporate banker in Poland ranges from PLN 5,826 to PLN 9,250 net.

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