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Auditor – definition of the term, tasks

A chartered accountant is a person who has the necessary qualifications, experience and knowledge to conduct financial and audit audits. Auditors are independent employees or employed by audit firms. Their job is to conduct audits and provide opinions on the financial activities of companies. Auditors are independent employees or employed by audit firms

Who is an auditor? Definition of the term

A chartered accountant is a professional who has the authority to conduct financial audits on behalf of and for institutions, organizations or individuals. His task is to assess the legality and reliability of financial information. A certified auditor must have the appropriate education and experience, as well as undergo special training.

The powers of a certified auditor are regulated by the Law on Certified Public Accountants of July 5, 2018. According to this law, auditors can conduct audits of business entities’ financial statements, as well as other financial documents. They can also conduct internal audits and energy audits. Auditors are necessary in situations where professional evaluation of financial information is needed. They are used by businesses, state institutions and non-governmental organizations. Auditors can also provide financial consulting and training in accounting and finance.

Certified auditor – professional secrecy

A certified auditor is a person who is authorized to conduct audits of financial statements and perform other audit-related activities. The duties of an auditor include, but are not limited to:

-Conducting audits of financial statements for fairness and accuracy.

-Conducting auditing activities.

-Assessing the internal control system.

-Assisting in the development and implementation of accounting procedures.

Professional secrecy of the auditor covers all information that may affect the results of audits of financial statements. Auditors are obliged to observe professional secrecy at every stage of their work.

What are the auditor’s tasks?

The auditor’s tasks are very important because he has a direct impact on the decisions of investors and lenders. The auditor’s report can affect whether a company gets a loan or an investor. Therefore, auditors must be accurate and reliable in their work. Auditors mainly work with financial documents. They verify that the information in these documents is correct and reliable.

Auditors may also interview company employees who may have knowledge of the company’s operations and its finances. Auditors must be thorough and meticulous in their work in order to be able to recommend a company to investors with confidence.

Auditor – the subject of work

The auditor’s job is to perform financial analysis for control and auditing purposes. The auditor must have the necessary analytical skills to be able to draw conclusions from his research. In addition, he or she should be well versed in business and tax law, as this is necessary for the correct interpretation of financial data. A business person can hire an auditor in several ways.

He can act as an internal or external controller, as well as an internal or external auditor. An internal controller is the person responsible for controlling the company’s accounting and finances. He is also in charge of monitoring the course of transactions and identifying potential risks. An external controller is a person who provides services on behalf of another company or institution. An internal audit, on the other hand, is the examination of a company’s financial records in order to assess its regularity.

An external audit, on the other hand, is an examination of financial records by a person independent of the company. Auditors are increasingly being used by small and medium-sized businesses, as their services can help increase the security of business operations. Auditors can also help identify potential risks and prevent financial losses.

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