Czym są aktywa? Przykłady oraz rodzaje aktywów.

What are assets? Examples and types of assets

Assets areanythinga companyowns thatcanbringitfinancialbenefits in

thefuture.Assetscanbetangible (e.g.real estate,machinery)orintangible (e.g.copyright, patent). The divisionofassetsisveryimportantforanycompany,because itallows youtoassesswhichelements areworthpayingspecialattention to.

Assets – what are they? Definition of the term

Assets areanything that hasvalue andcanbeintended forfurtheruse.

Thevalue ofassetscan becalculatedbased on theirmarketprice.Assetscanbetangibleorintangible.Examples oftangibleassetsare:machinery,buildings,land,naturalresources;examples ofintangibleassetsare:copyrights,patents,know-how.Assetsare thebackbone ofanybusinesswithoutthemit is difficult toimagine theoperationofa company.

With theirhelp,goodscan beproduced andservicescan be provided,andrevenuecan be generated.Byinvesting inassets,a companyseeks toincreaseitsvalue andexpanditsbusiness. Thevalue ofassetsisvariable theycanlosevalueorincrease. Thisis due tovariousfactors,suchas themarketsituation (e.g.economiccrisis),politicaldecisions (e.g.introduction ofnewregulations)orenvironmentalconditions (e.g.drought).Therefore,it isimportanttomakeappropriateinvestments andmonitor the marketsituationthenyou canavoid losses andbenefit fromchanges in themarket.

Types and characteristics of assets

Assets areanyavailableresourcesthatcanbeused forspecificpurposes.We candivide them intoseveralmaintypes:

physicalassets: these arematerials andtoolsthatcan beused toproduceothergoodsorservices (e.g.,machinery,buildings);

financialassets: these arecashandotherfinancialinstrumentsthatcan beused forbusinesspurposes (e.g., cash,bonds,shares incompanies);

Non-financialassets: areanyotherresourcesthatcanbringbusinessbenefits (e.g.,know-how,brand,customer relationships).

Eachtype ofasset hasitsowncharacteristics andadvantages,soit isimportanttoselect themappropriately foryourbusiness.

Examples of assets

Assets are anything you own that you can use to generate income. Examples of assets include real estate, cars, machinery, equipment, copyrights, intangible assets and cash.
The most popular assets are real estate. They can be bought or rented, as well as sold or leased. Real estate can also be used for manufacturing or commercial purposes. Automobiles are another example of assets. They can be used for personal transportation or for business. Like real estate, cars can also be sold or leased.
Another example of assets is machinery and equipment. They are used to produce goods or services and can be used for personal purposes or for business activities. Copyrights are another type of asset that can be used to generate revenue from licensing them to other businesses. Intangible assets are also assets that can be used to generate revenue. Examples include trademarks or patents.
The last example of assets is cash, that is, cash and funds accumulated in bank accounts. Cash can be used for personal purposes or for business activities.

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