Social banking – what is it and what is it about?

Modern banking is all about mobile and online banking. Virtually every bank offers its customers mobile apps and online access to their accounts. Many people use banking services online, but not everyone knows that there is also such a thing as social banking.

What is social banking? Definition of the term

Social banking, or community banking, is nothing more than using banking services over the Internet within a community. Banking communities are groups of people who share common goals and interests. With community banking, you can easily and quickly compare bank offers, as well as take advice from other users. Community banking is a great way to meet other people who use the same service. You can talk to other users about what their experiences are and what their opinions are about a particular bank. With social banking, you can also easily find answers to any questions.

What is social banking all about?

The concept of social banking originated in 2004 in the United Kingdom. It is a modern form of banking that combines elements of traditional banking and online banking. Social banking is essentially the use of modern technology, such as the Internet and social media, to facilitate and enable bank customers to communicate with each other and with the bank.

The main goals of social banking are to enable bank customers to exchange information about bank services and products with each other, as well as to facilitate contact between customers and bank employees. This allows bank customers to get a better understanding of bank offers, as well as get help and advice from other customers. Social banking also includes modern tools such as blogs, online forums and social networking sites, which allow bank customers to exchange opinions and experiences.

In Poland, the first bank to introduce social banking was mBank. Since then, many banks have been implementing social banking in their branches and offerings. It is worth mentioning that social banking is not only modern technologies and tools, but also a new approach to banking. Social banking is first and foremost community banking, which allows bank customers to exchange information and experiences with each other. This allows bank customers to learn more about the banks’ offerings, as well as get help and advice from other customers.

Social banking – the future of the solution

Social banking is a solution that aims to give people easier access to banking services. This is especially important in the context of people who have limited access to banks and financial institutions.

The development of social banking is made possible by modern technologies, such as the Internet and mobile telephony. These allow for easier communication between banks and their customers. In addition, community banking allows banks to better integrate with the local community.

Many people believe that community banking is the future of banking. This is understandable, as the solution enables easier access to banking services for more people. In addition, social banking can help banks better understand the needs of their customers.

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